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The PermaSense Consortium

GPS Processing

Besides daily solutions from GPS double difference processing, sub-daily solutions could provide a higher resolution of coordinates evolution, which means more detailed information about the motion of study target. Sub-daily solutions are 3D coordinates computed out of GPS data with observational duration less than one day. The observational duration could be as short as several hours or even several minutes which will come to the concept of near real-time solutions.

The challenges of sub-daily solutions are:

  1. How to mitigate systematic GPS errors, which can be eliminated in processing with daily observations but not in sub-daily processing
  2. How to optimize the balance between accuracy of solutions and time resolution of solutions
  3. The sensitivity of GPS solutions need to be studied to distinguish the real motion of study target from position error stemming from GPS processing.

To overcome the challenges mentioned above, better understanding and modeling of effects from ionospheric delay, tropospheric delay, multi-path, antenna phase center variations (PCV) and other possible noises must be assessed further.


Example of one day epoch-wise (1/30s) fix solutions (ambiguity integer fixed) for station DI05 in Dirruhorn. Epoch coordinate differences against daily solution, with blue points representing position difference and gray bar representing error bar (AVE - average, STD - standard deviation, RMS - root mean square).