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Permasense Seminar

The PermaSense seminar is a regular forum for project members and interested parties to meet and discuss topics that are relevant in this multi-disciplinary project. Usually, a presentation of 30-45 minutes and are followed by discussion.

Upcoming seminars

Time Speaker Title Place
24.06.2013, 4pm Joel Fiddes (3G-UZH) A combined topography and climate pre-processor to drive high-resolution land surface models in complex terrain Y35-H-79, Uni Irchel

Past seminars

Date Speaker Title
14.04.2009 Stephan Gruber (UZH) Geoscience research topics for Permasense
03.06.2013 Prof. Andreas Krause (ETHZ) Your Phone as Seismometer: Towards a Community Seismic Network
06.05.2013 Olga Saukh & David Hasenfratz (TIK) OpenSense: City-wide Air Quality Sensing
22.04.2013 Su Zhenzhong (GGL) Geomonitoring with short-baseline double difference GPS
25.03.2013 Felix Sutton (TIK) Ultra-low Power Wireless Multi-sensor Interface
18.03.2013 Roman Lim (TIK) FlockLab: A Testbed for Distributed, Synchronized Tracing and Profiling of Wireless Embedded Systems
25.02.2013 John Singer (ETHZ) A geosensor network based monitoring and early warning system for landslides
10.12.2012 Ben Buchli (TIK) Battery state-of-charge approximation for energy harvesting embedded systems
26.11.2012 Stefanie Gubler (3G) Measurement variability and model uncertainty in mountain permafrost
12.11.2012 Lucas Girard (3G), Samuel Weber (TIK) Let rock crack, let cracks rock
21.02.2012 Ludovic Ravanel (Université de Savoie, France) Did Mont Blanc rockwalls collapse as much as today during former warm periods? Rock sampling and prospects (exposure ages and spectral properties)
23.11.2011 Stefano Endrizzi (3G) The GEOtop model as a tool to describe the strongly coupled energy and water balance in permafrost or seasonally-frozen soils
21.9.2011 Marten Geertsema (Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources, BC Canada) Cryosphere-conditioned slope movements in Canada
10.8.2011 Matthias Keller (TIK) Improving Data Quality in Wireless Sensing Systems
25.5.2011 Lucas Girard (3G) Investigating processes that fracture high alpine rock faces
4.5.2011 Tazio Strozzi (GAMMA) Measurement of slope surface deformation with satellite and terrestrial radar interferometry
23.3.2011 Nick Dawes (SLF) SwissEx use case: Wannengrat multidisciplinary research site
10.11.2010 C. Huggel (UZH) Mass movement early warning systems: from monitoring to warning and response
20.10.2010 P. Dallemagne (CSEM) Environmental monitoring systems using CSEM ultra-low power wireless communication
22.09.2010 M. Brown (EPFL) RGB/NIR Imaging for Environmental Monitoring
22.06.2010 Christian Arnhardt (RWTH Aachen) SLEWS-A sensorbased landslide Early Warning System
18.05.2010 Jeff Moore (ETH Zurich) Thermal forcing of periodic deformation at the Randa rockslide
13.04.2010 Martin Fierz (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland) Miniature Aerosol Sensors for Personal Monitoring and Sensor Networks
18.03.2010 Maurizio Savina (ETH Zurich) Monitoring and analysis of precipitation patterns in the Alps
17.12.2009 Andreas Hasler (UZH) Heat- and Moisture Transfer and Cleft Dynamics in High-Alpine Bedrock - The Use of PermaSense Data
19.11.2009 Philippe Limpach (ETH Zurich) Rock glacier monitoring with low-cost GPS: case study at Dirru glacier, Mattertal
15.10.2009 David Amitrano (Uni Grenoble) Microseismic monitoring of rocky cliff: what can we expect?
14.07.2009 Sofiane Sarne (EPFL) GSN for PermaSense
16.06.2009 Andreas Hasler (UZH) First Steps and Perspectives of PermaSense Data Processing and Analysis
12.05.2009 Matthias Keller (ETH Zurich) Technology for PermaSense