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Freitag 09. Januar 2015

Winter Service at Matterhorn

Field work was performed at the Matterhorn field site with the objective to service all sensor nodes (firmware upgrade) and retrieve the Acoutic Emission experiment and Geophone data from the detachment zone in the 2nd couloir....Mehr

Montag 01. Dezember 2014

Public Lecture in Brig

Samuel Weber was invited to hold a public lecture at the Naturforschenden Gesellschaft Oberwallis NfGO in Brig on 27.11.2014: Permafrost: instrumentieren, messen, Prozesse verstehen und modellieren. This was an...Mehr

Montag 24. November 2014

New Wireless GPS Locations

Three new Wireless GPS units were installed in Matter Valley. The sensors are located on two areas under surveillance by the authorities (Wisse Schije and Laengschnee) and are part of the collaboration of PermaSense and...Mehr

Montag 13. Oktober 2014

Migros Magazin reports on X-Sense project

The weekly magazine "Migros Magazin" with a circulation of 1'558'467 in print reported on the PermaSense project activities. We were joined by a team of journalists on our excursion to the Dirruhorn field site in...Mehr

The PermaSense Consortium

PermaSense is a consortium of researchers and research projects bringing together different engineering and environmental research disciplines from several Swiss research institutions and companies. We develop, deploy and operate wireless sensing systems customized for long-term autonomous operation in high-mountain environments. Around this central element we develop concepts, methods and tools to investigate and to quantify the connection between climate, cryosphere (permafrost, glaciers, snow) and geomorphodynamics. Both the better understanding and the reliable observation of phenomena such as slope instability are of practical relevance and motivate close collaboration with public authorities. The long-term collaboration in this consortium develops solid interdisciplinary know-how, experience and networks in the participating institutions as well as in their national and international partners.

Competence in Outdoor Sensing

  • Wireless systems, low-latency data transmission
  • Customized sensors
  • Ruggedized equipment
  • Data management
  • Planning, installing, operating (years) large deployments